Vizioncore gets aggressive on P2V migration market with vConverter 3.0

In one day the company once famous for VMware disaster recovery solutions, Vizioncore, enriched its corporate image and broadened its portfolio to cover markets.

It happened this summer, when Quest acquired Invirtus, a company focused on virtual machines optimization and P2V migration, and integrated its offering into the Vizioncore one.

Vizioncore is not wasting time and after few months since the merge it’s already working to gain a significant visibility in the new segments: next week the US company based in Chicago will announce the Technology Preview of a major updated of the most popular product from Invirtus portfolio: vConverter 3.0.

The new version is aimed at serious competition, mostly with PlateSpin which is a leader in P2V migration space, reaching impressive results in performances: a physical server with 4GB hard drive (half of which is filled) can be live migrated in less than three minutes thanks to patented features vzBoost and Hyperfill (this time includes vConverter installation inside the target server. The migration itself takes less than two minutes).

Both new features increase conversion speed, reaching up to 10x speed with data preallocation techniques (Hyperfill) and kernel level drivers (vzBoost) specific for VMware ESX Server.

Besides VMware hypervisor, vConverter 3.0 will also support Microsoft and Virtual Iron virtualization platforms.

The pre-release product is already available here.