Microsoft to OEM SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows Server 2008?

eWeek is reporting an interesting story:

Microsoft has gotten religion on hosting, and in a big way.

Windows Server 2008, to be released Feb. 27, 2008, includes tools and features intended to make Microsoft partners better hosts.

It includes tools to ease the deployment and provisioning of Web sites during a data migration, said Michael van Dijken, lead marketing manager for Microsoft’s hosting business.

During the company’s road show here for partners, van Dijken said Microsoft has even partnered with virtualization vendor SWsoft to provide virtualization tools in WS2008 that can be used during a migration…

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The statement seems to imply that Microsoft will embed in Windows Server 2008 the OS virtualization technology Virtuozzo, with an OEM agreement.

In the past Microsoft disclosed its interest for this technology approach despite no solutions were discussed so far. An agreement with SWsoft would be a very consistent first step.