Microsoft Hyper-V is the final name for codename Viridian

With an unexpected announce Microsoft opens TechEd IT Forum 2007 in Barcellona revealing that final name for codename Virdian will be Hyper-V.

Tentative name used so far, Windows Server Virtualization (WSV) is now definitively dropped.

With the new name Microsoft also reveals that Hyper-V will be released as a stand-alone product as well as a feature for every Windows Server 2008 64bit edition.

While these versions will load a full Windows OS into the parent partition (check the Hyper-V architecture here), the Hyper-V stand-alone edition will load a thin, dedicated version of Windows into its parent partition. Microsoft is not providing technical details about it but it’s likely to be a Server Core edition without capabilities to run any server role but the virtualization one.

The Hyper-V stand-alone edition will be available in bundle with OEM servers from Dell, HP, IBM and others at the price of $28.

After several different and confusing messages, now Microsoft finally states that first beta of Hyper-V will be released at the of end of January 2008.