Phoenix Technologies confirms HyperCore existence broke the news two weeks ago and now Phoenix Technology finally confirms:

Phoenix Technologies Ltd., the global leader in core systems firmware, today announced Phoenix HyperSpace, an innovative platform that promises to ignite a PC revolution by transforming the mobile personal computing experience.

The HyperSpace platform provides a unique computing environment that PC designers, security innovators and content providers can use to create instant-on applications that are available before, during, and after Windows boot up and shut down. Operating like self-contained appliances, these purpose-built applications will be embedded into new computers by PC system vendors. Next-generation PC users will benefit from one-click remote system maintenance, repair, lower battery consumption and embedded security providing stronger protection than is currently available, along with a host of possible applications and content such as instant-on multi-media players, IP soft phones, email, instant messaging, Web 2.0 browsing, safe shopping and more. Phoenix has already demonstrated prototype, proof-of-concept applications that show the possibilities of the new HyperSpace platform.

The HyperSpace platform is enabled by an efficient hypervisor from Phoenix called HyperCore, which is embedded within the core system firmware, or BIOS. HyperCore is a lightweight Zoned Virtual Machine Monitor (ZVMM) that runs specialized core services side-by-side with Windows…

Phoenix didn’t provide any timeframe for the release of HyperCore but got anyway a positive answer from Wall Street with a growth of 7.61%: