Microsoft releases SoftGrid and Viridian planning and design beta guides

Along with cost and power saving, more efficiency and flexibility, virtualization technologies introduces severity in datacenter: any virtual infrastructure without a rational and strict operational framework is doomed to fail in returning the expected investment, and in most cases introduces more management problems rather than reducing them.

So the need for guidance during planning, design, implementation and maintenance phases of IT projects is bigger than ever.

VMware already recognized this need and it’s building an online wiki called Virtual Infrastructure Operations (VIOPS) to create a user generated framework.

Now also Microsoft is moving in the same direction, starting a new beta program called Infrastructure Planning and Design, part of Solutions Accelerators beta group.

The program allows beta testers to access a series of guides describing the architectural considerations and streamline the design processes for planning and implementing Microsoft infrastructure technologies.

Microsoft started with two most wanted guide:

  • SoftGrid Application Virtualization Guide (37 pages)
    The Infrastructure Planning & Design Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization guide discusses when to use standalone mode and connected mode for application distribution. It assists designers in the infrastructure planning process for SoftGrid by providing a clear and concise workflow of the decisions and tasks required for each method. This guide enables you to plan the infrastructure required for meeting your application virtualization service goals.
  • Windows Server Virtualization Guide (50 pages)
    The Infrastructure Planning and Design: Windows Server Virtualization guide discusses Microsoft virtualization options using Windows Server virtualization in Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. The guide explains design considerations at critical decision points and helps plan for an optimized server virtualization infrastructure architecture to meet organizational goals for performance and consolidation.

but a third one about Terminal Services is expected in Q1 2008.

These guides enhance and replace the Windows Server System Reference Architecture and will be available on Microsoft TechNet for free once finalized.

If you are about to start a new virtualization project with Microsoft technologies they really worth a look.

Enroll for the beta program here with following invitation code: IPDM-QX6H-7TTV.

Thanks to Justin Zarb for the news.