Tool: V-Ployment

A VMware and PlateSpin partner released its own solution to simplify ESX Server deployment: V-Ployment.

It basically is a Windows application which accepts configuration files (in .CVS format) and returns a bootable ISO with a configuration script attached.

The script allows the booting environment to retrieve a full ESX Server image from a central repository, along with available patches, for unattended installation which automatically fills configuration options like:

  • Hostname
  • Disk Type & Disk Partitioning
  • Root Password
  • License Server
  • Initial IP and DNS Configuration
  • Time zone, language & keyboard settings
  • Networking
  • NTP Configuration
  • Load-Balancing of Fibre-Channel LUNs
  • SysLog Server
  • Login Security Banners
  • COS Memory
  • HP Agent installation & configuration

Download a trial here.