SWsoft acquires three hosting automation companies

With a series of announcements SWsoft relevealed it just acquired several competing companies in the hosting space.

In details SWsoft now owns:

  • Sphera (as revelead two weeks ago by TheMarker and confirmed by virtualization.info)
    Sphera provides automation, provisioning, virtualization and management software for hosting companies, telecoms and enterprises. It has been a pioneer in developing SaaS and hosting solutions since its founding in 1999 and has partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and Mitsui. Leading telecom providers such as AT&T, Japan Telecom and Telecom Italia utilize Sphera’s platform to serve 150,000 businesses and more than one million end users with hosted applications.
    (official announcement)
  • Ensim
    The popular Ensim Pro control panel product is used worldwide by consumers, businesses and service providers. There are two versions of Ensim Pro — for Linux and Windows operating systems — used to automate the process of setting up and managing web servers, e-mail accounts, and software applications.
    (official announcement)
  • PSOFT (division of Comodo)
    PSOFT is a premier automation software vendor for hosting companies and data centers. The product portfolio includes the H-Sphere control panel, H-Sphere Single Server Edition, CP+ dedicated server management, SiteStudio website builder, NOC Monkey remote server provisioning, and the Linux-based Free VPS solution. Existing PSOFT customers will receive product support through SWsoft.
    (official announcement)

Despite the operations are not directly related to virtualization industry, they provide SWsoft a deep knowledge about automation which can be easily applied to virtualization plaftorms.

More than that, these acquisitions promote SWsoft as undisputed leader in hosting industry, making the firm a very interesting acquisition for several kind of companies.