Provision Networks signs OEM agreement with Vizioncore

Besides the release of new Virtual Access Suite 5.9, Provision Networks also reveals an OEM agreement with Vizioncore as well as critical features coming in VAS 6.0.

Partnership with Vizioncore is only the last of a long series of major ones with Virtual Iron, with Thinstall, with HP and with IBM.

VAS 6.0 is expected to introduce:

  • Multimedia Redirection and Graphics Acceleration (Project GAP)
    Graphics Acceleration Pack for RDP. Available as a technology preview this week at VMworld, the technology optimizes the end-user experience for multimedia content and graphics-rich applications over the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol, delivering the local desktop experience from a Terminal Server, blade PC or hosted virtual desktop. Project GAP supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and the upcoming Windows Server 2008.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Acceleration (Project TypeAhead)
    Latency Reduction for RDP. Also available as a technology preview, this technology eliminates the effects of high latency connections to hosted virtual desktops and provides instant feedback to users on their local terminals.
  • Image Virtualization (Project CIMS)
    Common Image Management Specification. CIMS offers a system for booting multiple virtual desktops from a common disk image. CIMS drastically reduces the storage requirements and the complexity of patch management in a virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Untethered Virtual Desktop Mobility (Project GoVDI)
    Through an OEM agreement with Vizioncore, a leader in virtual infrastructure management solutions, majority-owned by Quest Software Inc., Provision Networks is leveraging Vizioncore’s backup and replication technology to enable the checking-in and checking-out of virtual desktops through the Virtual Access Suite.