VMware ESX Server 3i release set for end of November on Dell Veso

The upcoming ESX Server 3i VMware announced at VMworld 2007 will be available from several OEMs, as virtualization.info disclosed last month.

While IBM was the first to announce support for this new product in new System x3950 M2, Dell will be the first to ship it, as The Register is reporting:

The mysterious Dell virtualization server appliance – code-named Veso – will ship at the end of November, leading the charge for systems with embedded hypervisors.

VMware CEO Diane Greene and Dell CMO Mark Jarvis revealed technical details about Veso during a speech today at the VMworld conference. The Veso box will ship as a two-socket unit based on AMD’s new four-core Opteron chip. It will also have twice as much memory as Dell’s typical two-socket systems and have four I/O channels as opposed to two on normal units.

Jean-Baptiste Su published a photo of the Veso and some technical details:

  • 2 x AMD quad-core Opteron
  • 16 memory slots (up to 128GB RAM @ 667GHz)
  • 4 PCI slots
  • 20 Network Interface Cards (10/100Mbits with 10GBit option at a later time)

While waiting for the launch Dell published a 5 minutes demo of the new Veso here.

Late November launch may imply the whole VMware Infrastructure 3.5 will be ready for that time. This fits the scheduling considering the new platform is already in beta 2.

virtualization.info invites Dell, AMD and VMware to provide a Veso unit for an exclusive review.