Kidaro introduces self-cleaning virtual desktops

Quoting from the Kidaro official announcement:

— Kidaro, a leading provider of enterprise desktop virtualization solutions, today unveiled a powerful new virtualization technology called Kidaro vDNA that enables self-cleaning virtual desktops. Kidaro vDNA virtualizes personal data and settings on the desktop, while automatically reverting the OS and applications to a stable, corporate-approved state at the beginning of every session. This approach greatly increases the security and manageability of enterprise desktops by automatically discarding malware, unwanted software, and user configuration errors from previous sessions.

Kidaro vDNA enables a stable, self-cleaning desktop by virtualizing and isolating two different kinds of “virtual DNA”:

  • Personal data: includes end user files, passwords, configurations, bookmarks, and registry settings that make a desktop “yours.”
  • Corporate desktop image: includes operating system, applications, configurations, and security tools that make up the standardized enterprise desktop.

By encapsulating and managing personal data separately, Kidaro vDNA enables the underlying virtual desktop image to be continually repaired and updated…

Kidaro vDNA technology is available immediately.