Release: Virtugo virtualSuite 6.0

Virtugo is ready to release first product since its merge with uXcomm in April.

The new version of virtualSuite brings in two important features: integration of existing products and a new VDI solution.

In details the suite includes:

  • Virtugo Perform
    A performance management tool specifically designed for IT organizations to discover and monitor virtualized environment vital statistics. Perform incorporates host server and virtual machine knowledge to show real-time variables such as CPU, memory and disk usage within a comprehensive user interface. Graphs and charts make the data easy to understand.
  • Virtugo Optimize
    An application performance tuner for virtual environment. By dynamically adjusting CPU, memory and disk resource allocations in real-time, the virtual environment can handle more work while decreasing application response time. Optimize was designed to maximize utilization and increase productivity of existing systems, enabling companies to dynamically manage workloads and ensure business priorities are met.
  • Virtugo Capacity
    A reporting tool to monitor and document vital statistics about a company’s virtualized environment. It tracks a comprehensive set of host server and virtual machine metrics, stores them in a database and generates reports that identifies bottleneck and trends. These capabilities enable the IT administrator to plan the right amount of virtualization capacity to meet current and future demands of the organization.
  • Virtugo Meter
    A chargeback tool which provides utilization measures for tracking resource use within physical and virtualized environments. This allows businesses to allocate costs, validate intended usage levels and perform accurate chargeback.
  • Virtugo VDI
    A connection broker that manages, supports, and configures physical and virtual desktops in a single easy-to-use console, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for virtualization desktop infrastructures. Administrators can now take a proactive, centralized approach to Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and deploy necessary software applications, patches and critical updates. virtualSuite VDI enables automated asset discovery, audits and reporting for hardware and software configurations in virtual and physical environments.

virtualSuite 6.0 is available immediately with pricing starting at $349 per CPU socket. The price includes one year of support and upgrades.

Many of virtualSuite features put Virtugo in direct competition with Vizioncore, which just integrated Invirtus offering.

Entering the crowded VDI space, Virtugo will also have to compete against VMware (which is preparing to enter ther market after Propero acquisition) and other popular vendors like Provision Networks, Leostream, Dunes.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.

Since this release Virtugo is listed among vendors addressing technology adoption challenges in Virtualization Industry Challenges report.