SWsoft acquires Sphera

SWsoft is preparing to announce several things, according to The Inquirer. One of them is acquisition of Sphera:

Beloussov disclosed that he is closing on “several” acquisitions, one of which is likely to be announced early next week. This will be a company analogous to Opsware, the automation outfit that recently agreed to sell out to HP. Beloussov wouldn’t name the company but Israel’s The Marker is reporting the target as Sphera, a company that specialises in management tools for software-as-a-service firms.

Two major releases are planned for the next few months: Virtuozzo v4 and the first release of Parallels Server…

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While The Inquirer cannot confirm the acquisition, virtualization.info backs TheMarker claims, after discovering evidences that some Sphera employees are now updating their profiles to reflect SWsoft acquisition, which should have completed in June 2007:

A longer term big announcement will be integration between hardware virtualizatoin provided by upcoming hypervisor Parallels Server and OS virtualization provided by Virtuozzo.

In this scenario datacenter automation is critical to achieve a liquid datacenter, where the best virtualization approach is automatically chosen depending on technical constrains and workloads type.