Endeavors launches free application virtualization for masses

virtualization.info covered complex evolution of application virtualization startup Endeavors Technologies since it launched on the market a spin-off called Stream Theory.

After many lawsuits and loss of Stream Theory brand, Endeavors worked to build a new company image starting since June 2007, when hired its new CEO Peter Bondar.

Now the company is ready for its second step, pushing its technology in a new, uncommon way to clearly demonstrate benefits of application virtualization.

Endeavors launches Stream 24-7, a website allowing readers to use a virtual version of popular apllications like Blender, Paint.NET, Notepad++, OpenOffice, FileZilla, and many others.

Each application has been virtualized and will be streamed for free to any desktop visitors will browse from, after installing the Endeavors client called Application Player.

Stream 24-7 is powered by Endeavors AppExpress 3.0, which is also available as a trial on the company website.

For potential adopters this is probably one of the best ways to get capabilities of application virtualization and streaming. It really worths a visit.

Endeavors has been included in virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Radar.