Citrix will detail Xen project destiny within 45/60 days

InformationWeek published a brief but interesting interview with Citrix Corporate Vice President of WorldWide Marketing, Wes Wassom, and XenSource CEO, Peter Levine, obviously about recent acquisition.

A couple of answers are exposing crucial details to figure out Xen future developments:

How many of the hypervisor developers are employed by XenSource?
There are five to six guys who do a lot of work on the Xen project that are part of XenSource.

How will you maintain that community?
We started in parallel with the acquisition discussions to elevate the Xen project and community by appointing a panel to provide oversight during the transition. It will maintain a distinction between the open source code and commercial efforts. … We are working on that collaboratively with IBM, Intel, HP, Novell, and Red Hat. We are just coming up with a model for that in the next 45 to 60 days… also published an interview with Citrix’s Wes Wassom, and XenSource CTO, Simon Crosby, exposing more details about upcoming strategy about partnerships and competition.