VMware heavily attacks Citrix/XenSource through its partner channel

Apparently VMware is in hurry to clarify its channel on how much better its technology is compared to the new Citrix/Xensource platform. And didn’t go soft.

virtualization.info has received a letter addressed to VMware partners just one day after XenSource acquisition which clearly exposes how tough the competition will be:

XenSource failed to gain measurable market share. Its upcoming XenEnterprise v4 release still has major shortcomings compared to VMware Infrastructure 3.

Citrix provides impressive technology, but its competencies and resources are not in the field of system-level virtualization, which is what XenSource needs in order to deliver an enterprise virtualization solution.

XenSource still cannot deliver the capabilities of 3rd-generation VMware virtual infrastructure. Citrix technology will not fill those gaps. Citrix can only ask customers to wait and forego immediate VMware Infrastructure 3 savings and infrastructure benefits.

The core of the XenSource solution, the Xen hypervisor project, is failing as it splinters into incompatible, proprietary offerings. The Open Source community is shifting support to KVM. Citrix may end up in possession of an abandoned hypervisor.

XenSource’s architecture is unproven and less suitable for VDI. An integrated Citrix/XenSource VDI solution will be unavailable for a long time.

XenSource only has 500 customers, according to recent statements. Its lack of recognizable reference customers impedes partner selling efforts.

Citrix will need to address XenSource’s limited web-only support model and lack of professional services resources before partners can reliably trust XenSource products with their key customers…

VMware spent many months pushing Citrix VDI solution to its customers, and now finds the company as the biggest competitor, more capable to act than Microsoft.

Citrix may react on such aggression dropping VMware support from its Desktop Server connection broker product.