XenSource announces XenEnterprise 4.0

On VMware IPO day, XenSource makes a strategic move and decides to announce next generation of its Xen-based platforms: XenEnterprise, XenServer and XenExpress 4.0.

This new version introduces serveral big new features like:

  • 64bit platform
    Scales XenEnterprise with increasing memory density and CPU core counts, with support for up to 128GB of physical memory, and with per guest VM limits of 32GB. The new release also supports up to 8-way SMP per guest, and leverages ACPI to support dynamic hot-plugging of CPU, network and storage into running virtual machines.
  • XenMotion
    Combines multiple hosts into a powerful, scalable, and dynamically manageable pool of virtual resources and leverage XenMotion to enable live migration of running virtual machines between hosts to achieve resilient, optimal resource utilization for virtual infrastructure. Automated host configuration means no per-host configuration in a resource pool, dramatically simplifying pool management. Users can simply drop virtual machines on a resource pool and the pool assigns the right resources.
  • XenCenter
    Manages virtual infrastructure for the entire XenSource product family, offering the first enterprise virtualization management solution without a single point of failure. Management state is replicated across all hosts in a resource pool, enabling any host to assume the role of pool leader on demand, and dramatically enhancing resiliency and scalability of virtual infrastructure management. XenCenter is included as part of the core XenEnterprise v4 offering at no additional charge.
  • Open Storage Repository API
    Offers the industry’s broadest range of direct attached and shared storage for virtual machines including virtual disk images using NAS, iSCSI and SAN based storage infrastructure certified by XenSource through its OEM agreement with Symantec, whose Veritas Storage Foundation product suite will be included as an integrated component of a forthcoming point release of v4.
    Delivers powerful snapshotting, cloning and thin provisioning for virtual hard disks, leveraging the integrated features of modern storage infrastructure, without requiring a proprietary cluster file system and backup technologies. Via the open Storage Repository API, customers and partners can implement additional storage repository types, integrating storage virtualization and server virtualization into a powerful virtual infrastructure.
    Supports file-backed virtual hard disks using the Microsoft VHD format, as well as block backed raw virtual disk images.
  • XenAPI
    Offers the same, XML-RPC standards based management API from XenExpress to XenEnterprise. XenSource v4 offers language bindings in C, C# and Java and a powerful CLI with bindings in three popular scripting languages to empower ISV, OEM and channel partners to create a broad-range of customer-needs driven value-added solutions – protecting management investment and fostering a rich open ecosystem of value-added products

XenEnterprise v4 will be available on August 20, and includes as standard features: XenMotion, XenCenter, a 64-bit hypervisor and XenAPI. Pricing for XenEnterprise starts at $1,599 for an annual subscription license per dual socket server, and $2,499 perpetual license per dual socket server. XenSource’s midrange product, XenServer v4, includes as standard features: XenCenter, a 64-bit hypervisor and XenAPI. XenServer v4 does not include XenMotion, but the previous limits on guest VMs and memory will be removed. Additionally, XenServer will now have the ability to manage both Linux and Windows guest VMs. Pricing for XenServer starts at $495 for an annual subscription license per dual socket server, and $750 perpetual license per dual socket server. The ever-popular XenExpress continues as a freely available download from the XenSource site.

The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.