Veeam to release a disaster recovery solution

Quoting from Enterprise IT Planet:

The founders of Veeam, Timashev and his partner, CTO and co-founder Andrei Baronov, are betting that’s leaving them room to replicate the success they both had with the previous company they founded, Aelita Software. Aelita provided Windows NT and Microsoft infrastructure systems management tools, managing about 5 million Windows NT to Active Directory users before it was sold to Quest Software for $150 million in 2004. As it did with Microsoft, Veeam says it is working with VMware as a partner rather than a competitor.

It’s planning to also shortly release a product designed for backing up virtual environments. After server consolidation, back up ranks high on organizations’ reasons for going virtual, but, says Timashev, it has to get much better for people to start using virtualization for the purposes of high availability and quick recovery…

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Like other vendors Veeam may have problems marketing such solution, now that VMware leaked is working on its own disaster recovery solution.