Qumranet will unveil its first product by the end of September

Quoting from ZDNet:

At the San Francisco, Calif. conference this week, Qumranet, a Santa Clara, Calif-based commercial startup that funds KVM, told ZDNet that the company’s first product will be unveiled in late September and will ship in the fourth quarter.

It won’t be a knock off of rival XenSource’s XenEnterprise. Because it leverages the KVM support in the Linux kernel, the new offering can focus on advanced services such as storage virtualization, hinted Qumranet co-founder, president and vice president of R&D, Rami Tamir.

Tamir offered up some fightin0 words. “Being latecomer is an advantage,” Tamir claimed, then lowered the volume of his voice. “Xen is going away.”

Following a conference session detailing the merits of Xen and KVM, Qumranet’s Tamir acknowledged that several efforts are underway to enable interoperability. He noted that while one IBM programmer is working on code to add para virtualization features to KVM, and thus make it more competitive with Xen, still others at IBM are developing a CIM-based module that will ensure both engines will be supported and managed according to industry accepted management standards.

By his estimation, it’s inevitable that Xen and KVM are headed for war but he was skeptical about interoperability promises, Rosenblum told ZDNet.

“There will be a battle of open source virtualization engines,” he said. “I think one of the issue for both [Xen and KVM] is that current hardware support for virtualization doesn’t recurse very well so if you try to run KVM inside Xen virtual machine it doesn’t work and I don’t think it’ll work soon with any kind of acceptable performance. Obviously, on the same box you probably are not deploying both technologies.”…

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