Symantec extends Veritas CommandCentral support to VMware

Quoting from CRN:

Symantec is hoping to revive interest in the concept of storage resource management with the introduction Wednesday of Veritas CommandCentral 5.0.

CommandCentral 5.0 now does discovery and mapping of guest operating systems to VMware ESX servers to the back-end arrays, and reports on the total capacity allocated, capacity claimed, and the percent of capacity which is used by ESX and the guest operating system.

CommandCentral 5.0 now scales to about 3,000 host servers, about 6 petabytes of storage capacity, and 12,000 switch ports, compared to about 1,000 servers with version 4.3, Soderbery said.

We need to map the virtual servers to the host servers and storage,” he said. “5.0 provides mapping with VMotion, so we can have two virtual machines working together for failover. When a server fails over, we need to map the new server to the mirrored disk, and when the server comes back, we need to fall back to the primary storage. It can get pretty harried about which is the correct copy of the data.”

CommandCentral 5.0 lists for about $1,000 per server in small and midsize enterprise environments, Soderbery said…

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Symantec continues its progression in virtualization market extending support of most of its storage-related products to virtualization platforms. Biggest step so far has been OEM agreement inked one week ago with XenSource.