Vizioncore takes control of Invirtus

With an expected move Quest, controlling both companies, is slowly formalizing relationship between Vizioncore and Invirtus:

Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in management tools for virtual infrastructure environments, and Invirtus, a pioneer of virtualization management utilities, today announced a strategic partnership in which Vizioncore will OEM all Invirtus technology, collaborate with Invirtus on technology development initiatives and will be the exclusive source for distribution of the technology through the Vizioncore partner channel. This agreement will allow Invirtus to focus on the development of products while leveraging Vizioncore’s sales and distribution channel.

All pricing and availability of the newly branded Vizioncore solutions from Invirtus will be announced at VMworld, 11th – 13th September, Moscone Center, San Francisco…

After Invirtus silent acquisition, first step of this strategy took place with migration of Scott Herold from Vizioncore to Invirtus.

At a point in future, Quest may decide to merge with both companies (and others expected to be acquired as well) and emerge as a new strong virtualization player.