SAP certifies its software on Red Hat-based Xen

SAP is extending its interest to Xen universe, first investing in Virtual Iron, then supporting Novell-based Xen virtual machines, and now extending such supporting to Red Hat.

Quoting from the Red Hat official announcement:

Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that SAP AG, the largest provider of business software solutions in the world, has certified the SAP NetWeaver platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform. The certification includes the virtualization technology embedded in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for use with SAP applications.

The virtualization technologies included in Advanced Platform have been successfully tested by SAP during the certification procedure and can be used in production environments after a general release of virtualized SAP application-based Linux environments over the course of the year…

Differently from Novell, because of Xen trademark issues with XenSource, Red Hat cannot mention which virtualization product it’s using.