Tool: ESX Manager

Manfred Meier creaded a new tool for VMware ESX Server administration called ESX Manager.

Already at its second release this tool is able to:

  • Virtual Center independent
  • Keeps track of Virtual Machine Host Registration, Migrations and Status
  • Manage Virtual Machine Configuration
  • Display and work in the Virtual Machine Console
  • Kill Virtual Machine Process (if the VM can’t be powered off)
  • Rename Virtual Disks of registered Virtual Machines
  • Move Virtual Disks and keep the disk attached to the Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Machine Registration, Start , Restart , Reset, Power Off, Suspend
  • Extend Virtual Disks
  • View-Search-Filter Logfiles on the ESX Host.
  • Define and save custom SSH commands with Parameter handling
  • Publish and share custom SSH commands with other ESX Administrators

Download it free of charge here.