Quest controls Veeam after Vizioncore and Invirtus?

Quest entered the virtualization market with popular Vizioncore, continuing with Invirtus acquisition, never confirmed so far (but recently indentified by

Now, after a deeper research, found a new connection between Quest and a third company called Veeam, based in Russia.

Most recent Veeam news announcement mentions a link with Quest which starts in 2004, after Aelita Software acquisition.

Aelita CTO, Andrei Baronov, also worked as R&D Director at Quest and as CTO at Amust Software, which became, as he wrotes on his personal blog, Veeam Software:

Because customers are different for consumer tools (something Amust Software is doing from the very beginning) and Virtual Infrastructure Management tools, we decided to have a new brand for the new direction. The name we settled on is Veeam Software. It is not a separate Company yet, but we might do a spin off in the future…

So far Quest decided to keep its name away from virtualization market, but the more we go the more connections we see.

The Virtualization Industry Radar has been updated accordingly.

Update: Veeam contacted and denied any relationship with Quest.

Veeam was founded as separate company after Aelita Software acquisition by Quest. After that, several former Aelita employees left Quest for Veeam.

So far Quest has no investments in Veeam.