Intel to introduce Flex in upcoming motherboards for simplified V2V

Quoting from InformationWeek:

Virtualization has thrown us for a loop, quite honestly,” said Shannon Poulin, Intel enterprise marketing manager, last month at an IDC conference on virtualization. Two years ago, less than 5% of the data center had been virtualized. By 2010, Intel projects that 25% of enterprise data center servers will be running in virtualization mode. Server design is trying to catch up with the trend, Poulin said.

“The virtualized environment is the Wild West when it comes to performance benchmarking,” he noted.

“I think we’re only in the infancy” of designing servers for virtualized operation, he added.

Intel’s Poulin said future Intel motherboards for four-way servers will contain a “Flex” feature to assist in the migration of virtual machines across different servers.

Poulin said Intel’s second generation virtualization hooks will let a virtual machine migrate across all Intel chips and breach the Intel/AMD barrier…

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