Symantec extends NetBackup support to VMware ESX Server

Quoting from the Symantec official announcement:

NetBackup 6.5 introduces a host of new features and enhancements including native disk-based backup, data deduplication, deep integration with intelligent backup appliances and VTLs, heterogeneous snapshot management, granular recovery for critical applications and virtual machines, and innovative new licensing and pricing programs.

NetBackup leverages VMware Consolidated Backup, a capability provided by VMware, to guarantee consistency and remove the backup burden from the primary VMware server host. NetBackup 6.5 also goes a step further, by introducing a breakthrough capability to enable a single image-level backup to deliver both full-image or granular file-level recovery. Finally, VMware backups can be performed to tape or disk, and can apply the new PureDisk Deduplication Option for deduplication and replication of VMware backups…