AppStream names Srinivasa Venkataraman as new CEO

Quoting from the AppStream official announcement:

AppStream, Inc., a leader in on-demand application deployment and management, recently named Srinivasa “Venky” Venkataraman as new chief executive officer. Mr. Venkataraman was formerly AppStream’s chief operating officer.

Mr. Venkataraman has more than twenty years industry experience managing, designing and implementing complex software systems. Prior to joining AppStream, Mr. Venkataraman served as Vice President of R&D at Zone Labs where he helped develop the leading personal and distributed firewall technology that is currently installed on over 20 million PCs worldwide. Before Zone Labs, Mr. Venkataraman served as VP of Development at Senterprise and as a senior manager for Autodesk, where he managed software development for e-commerce and e-business solutions. Mr. Venkataraman has a Master of Science degree with a Mechanical Engineering major from Purdue University, Indiana and a Bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering from Madras University, India…