Gartners predicts virtualization a mandatory technology by 2010 (despite still too expensive)

Quoting from CIO India:

Speaking at Gartner’s infrastructure, operations and data center summit in Sydney, Bittman said the number of virtual machines will rise from 500,000 currently in use to three million by 2009.

However, he said it will be an expensive exercise for businesses and told IT managers to “stick it out” until the problems with virtualization, such as licensing, support and emerging technologies are ironed-out.

“Don’t allow VMWare, IBM and Microsoft to own your governance because none of them have been able to totally deliver virtualization yet and you don’t want to be locked in.”

Gartner senior analyst, Phil Sargent, said virtualization will be part of nearly every aspect of IT by 2015 and recommended IT managers query vendors now about how they will accommodate their application with the new technology…

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