VMware to integrate Propero technology in VDM 2.0 by the end of the year

Less than two weeks ago, after release of S-1 Registration Statement for imminent VMware IPO, virtualization.info broke the news of Propero acquisition, is a UK company (with a US subsidiary) active in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) space since early launch of VMware VDI Alliance in April 2006.

VMware is already offering a VDI solution since a while under the name of Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM), but only through its Professional Services channel.

Today SearchServerVirtualization News Director, Alex Barrett, published a short report on just finished VMware Analyst day, during which Karthik Balachandran, Senior Consultant at VMware, disclosed VDM offering, currently in 1.1 version, will reach version 2.0 by the end of the year, integrating Propero technology.

It’s worth to mention that so far (13 days after virtualization.info breaking news) not a single major news magazine reported the Propero acquisition.

Probably in wait of official press release kindly sent to their mailboxes, prestigious journalists are not bothering doing any research for this news (and probably many others), believing is much easier to manipulate an official announcement to have a fast 500-words article.

Few virtualization blogs went not farther away, just reporting an anonymous confirmation of this acquisition, without any reference to original story from virtualization.info.

Beware of what you read…