STORServer supports VMware Consolidated Backup

Quoting from the STORServer official announcement:

STORServer, manufacturer of the all-in-one suite of Business Continuity Appliances, announced today its new STORServer VCB Appliance, the first backup appliance on the market to protect vulnerable VMware environments.

Using Consolidated Backup, a backup schedule is created on the STORServer for each virtual machine to be backed up. Each schedule creates a virtual machine snapshot, mounts the snapshot to the STORServer in the SAN and then uses the STORServer backup client to either back up the full virtual machine or to perform file level incremental backups, thus allowing the virtual machine to continue to operate while the backups are taking place. When the backup is complete the schedule dismounts and releases the snapshot of the virtual machine.

Pricing for the STORServer VCB Appliance will start at $20,000…