Review: Parallels Desktop

Lunapark6 published an extensive review of new build of Parallels Desktop (until Parallels will start to use a version numbering for this product, there will be no way to exactly tell which version we are talking about, and in fact Lunapark6 refers to it as 1.0).

The review focus on Microsoft Vista and Ubuntu Linux guests installation, on the new Coherence feature, on the embedded physical to virtual (P2V) migration tool called Transporter, and on the included utility for virtual disks optimization called Compressor.

Reviewers provided this conclusion:

The coherence mode, transporter, compressor and shared folders works well within Windows. If you have at least 1 gig of ram and an Intel Core Duo chipset then Parallels runs smoothly. You can install just about every operating system known to mankind within Parallels.

Does not have 3d acceleration (Aero does not work in Vista nor does Beryl or Compiz work in Linux). Coherence, Transporter, Compressor, Shared Folders, Drag N Drop works only within Windows. Does not have a snapshot mode to easily revert back to an earlier installed stage (as an alternative “cloning” is available but uses more hard drive space).

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