Aberdeen Group releases a free report on server and storage virtualization trends

The Aberdeen Group just published a 21-pages report about server and storage virtualization trends called Justifying the Cost of Uptime.

Reports key findings are:

  • Best-in-class companies are three times more likely to enjoy a reduction in staff overhead and twice as likely to experience an increase in server utilization rates
  • Best-in-class companies had almost three quarters of their server infrastructure virtualized (twice that of the average and laggard performers) and three times as much of their storage infrastructure virtualized
  • Best-in-class companies experienced better cost savings the more they expanded virtualization throughtout their environments
  • 65% of end-users surveyed have no plans to deploy virtualization within remote offices
  • Types of virtualization architectures did not prove to be a differentiator for best in class, industry average and laggard firm

The analysis, conducted among 140 end users, is available for free (only for a limited amount of time) thanks to virtualization startup InovaWave sponsorship.

Read it here.