VMware users complain about VI3 upgrade prices

Quoting from SearchServerVirtualization:

VMware ESX 2.x users are proving slow to upgrade to VMware Inc.’s latest and greatest, VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), introduced last summer. At least one VMware reseller is pointing the finger at the high cost of upgrading to the new platform.

According to price lists obtained from VMware resellers, the cost of upgrading from VMware ESX 2.5 with Virtual Center to Virtual Infrastructure 3 Enterprise is $4,900 per dual-processor server, compared with $5,750 for a net-new license. Depending on when the ESX 2.x license was purchased, customers paid between $3,000 and $5,000 per dual-socket server.

That doesn’t sit well with some ESX 2.x users, many of whom have had ESX 2.x installed since 2003 and are paying annual license and subscription fees of 21% to 25%…

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