Blue Lane releases a security appliance for VMware ESX Server

Aiming to cover the almost empty segment of security solutions for virtual infrastructures, pioneered by ReflexSecurity VSA one year ago, Blue Lane releases its award winning security technology PatchPoint in a form of virtual appliance called VirtualShield, able to protect other virtual machines hosted in a VMware ESX Server host.

VirtualShield acts as a proxy (implying a virtual network reconfiguration) for other virtual machines, granting a transparent and realt-time patching action for each server-class operating system (Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003, Sun Solaris 7/8/9/10, Novell SUSE 8/9/10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2/3/4, FreeBSD) and several popular enterprise services (Microsoft IIS, SQL and Exchange servers, Apache, Sendmail, Samba, Bind, etc.).

Just like ReflexSecurity VSA, it doesn’t act directly at the host level, being prone to hypervisor-level attacks, and it doesn’t currently supports client OSes, being not suitable for VDI scenarios. But its inline patching capability can address security concerns virtual appliances raise.

Pricing for VirtualShield and VirtualShield Manager software is $499, which includes a one-year subscription to Blue Lane’s update service as well as online support.

Download an evaluation here.