Tool: HP ProLiant server sizer for VMware ESX Server 3

After releasing a capacity planning tool for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 in November 2005, HP finally releases a parallel version for VMware ESX Server 3.x:

This is an automated tool that assists the user with the size and scope of their server environment. This sizer will calculate the best way to consolidate old servers onto new machines running multiple virtualized environments. The sizing information and algorithms have been developed using testing and performance data on HP Servers running VMware ESX Server.

HP servers supported in this version are:

  • ProLiant BL20p G4 Quad Core
  • ProLiant BL25p G2 Dual Core
  • ProLiant BL45p G2 Dual Core
  • ProLiant BL460c Quad Core
  • ProLiant BL465c Dual Core
  • ProLiant BL480c Quad Core
  • ProLiant BL685c Dual Core
  • ProLiant DL360 G5 Quad Core
  • ProLiant DL365 Dual Core
  • ProLiant DL380 G5 Quad Core
  • ProLiant DL385 G2 Dual Core
  • ProLiant DL580 G4 Dual Core
  • ProLiant DL585 G2 Dual Core
  • ProLiant ML370 G5 Quad Core
  • ProLiant ML570 G4 Dual Core

Access the tool for free here.

After using it you may want to verify suggested capacity plan in Rent-A-Lab, the first rentable online infrastructure for virtualization testing.