Book: Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM System p5: Introduction and Configuration

After releasing a paper about best practices and one about Virtual I/O Server Deployment Examples, IBM Redbook department now releases a foundation book (488 pages) about System p5 POWER virtualization configuration:

This IBM Redbook provides an introduction to Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM System p5 servers.The Advanced POWER Virtualization feature is a combination of hardware and software that supports and manages the virtual I/O environment on POWER5 and POWER5+ systems.

Though the discussion in this IBM Redbook is focused on System p5 hardware and the AIX 5L operating system, the basic concepts extend themselves to the i5/OS and Linux operating systems, as well as the IBM System i5 platform…

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Virtualization technologies on System p servers
  • Chapter 3 – Setting up the Virtual I/O Server: the basics
  • Chapter 4 – Setting up virtual I/O: advanced
  • Chapter 5 – System management
  • Chapter 6 – Partition Load Manager

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