HP improves virtualization capabilities in HP-UX 11i v3

Quoting from the HP official announcement:

The HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE) allows HP-UX 11i to go a step further and has integrated virtualization and mainframe-class availability to deliver mission-critical virtualization for customers with the most demanding workloads. HP has broadened the functionality and simplified the deployment of its mission-critical virtualization capabilities for HP-UX 11i:

  • Deployments of virtualized environments are simpler due to the addition of four new VSE Reference Architectures, including ones for Oracle, SAP software and shared services based on HP’s own application server and database implementations. These reference architectures can help cut a customer’s deployment time in half.
  • Mainframe-class availability has been enhanced via HP Serviceguard clustering enhancements, including faster user transparent failover for SAP and the introduction of new levels of disaster tolerance via cascading failover across three data centers.