Review: reviews Ardence 4.0 published a brief but interesting review of Ardence 4.0, providing this conclusion:

Streaming your Operating System has lot of advantages. It the perfect way to guarantee that all your servers are 100% identical (after a restart the system will be going back to the default of the images). Also getting a new client in production is just a task of a few minutes and a rollback to a previous state is as easy as a restart of the clients). Of course there are also some limitations like more network traffic, more dependency of the network and all disadvantages of using cloning techniques.

Looking at Ardence specific the product is pretty easy to use, supplied with a good manual and the delta approach is wonderful to update your virtual disk with the possibility to rollback very easy. The installation of the product could be made better and the administrator console can be improved for bigger environments looking at the configuration of the clients…

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Few weeks before a funny and unofficial demo of the product appeared online.

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