Webcast: Microsoft Virtual Server and SoftGrid Q1 webcasts

Microsoft has arranged a new series of webcasts for February and March about Virtual Server 2005 R2 and SoftGrid:

  • Microsoft’s Server Virtualization – Licensing Changes (02.12.07)
    This session will outline the key customer scenarios for Microsoft’s server virtualization products. Attendees will learn the how Virtualization licensing changes affect previous licensing and how virtualization affects licensing of other products such as SQL or Exchange. The primary focus will be on how to help customers achieve higher savings and build better utilization of combined products by educating everyone on the licensing benefits.
  • Automating a Dev/Test Lab with Virtual Server (02.15.07)
    Join this webcast to learn how virtualization can significantly reduce the cost of developing and testing complex, multi-tier applications. We show how multiple servers can easily be provisioned and manipulated ‘virtually,’ without requiring large amounts of physical hardware. In this chalk talk, we discuss Microsoft Virtual Server and provide real-world examples of how virtualization is changing the future of development processes.
  • Architectural Best-Practices for Virtual Server (02.19.07)
    Virtualization can provide an effective means for consolidating production servers. In this chalk talk we will discuss real-world usage of Virtual Server and how it could best be applied in your IT organization.
  • Virtualized Branch Office Servers – Road to a dynamic branch (02.22.07)
    If you want to optimize the performance of your branch office infrastructure and simplify management, this session is for you. Join us to learn what you should consider before, during, and after server consolidation in a branch office. This webcast provides a comprehensive view of where virtualization is appropriate to use in a branch office and how virtualization can help simplify administration. We also cover the application virtualization recommendations in the Microsoft Branch Office Infrastructure Solution and some of the advanced capabilities a virtualized environment offers that can help you create a dynamic, self-managing branch infrastructure.
  • Automating a Dev/Test Lab with Virtual Server (02.26.07)
    For the past 2 years, Microsoft IT has been using virtualization to help increase utilization and reduce overall TCO. Join this webcast to learn about the best practices, processes, and challenges of using virtualization for server consolidation and potential new opportunities enabled by virtualization. Topics we cover in this discussion include operational process, service definitions, and lessons learned from Microsoft IT’s experiences in using Virtual Server in a large-scale deployment scenario.
  • Overview of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (03.01.07)
    Many IT professionals understand virtualization technology, yet are slow to adopt it because they consider managing a virtualized environment a complex task that requires specialized skills. Join this webcast to learn how Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager enables increased physical server utilization, centralized management of virtual machine infrastructure, and rapid provisioning of new virtual machines by the administrator and users. Discover how Virtual Machine Manager provides unification with the physical world and is fully integrated with the System Center product family. If you have never seen this enterprise management application in action, you should not miss this session.
  • Overview of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (03.05.07)
  • Application Virtualization and Software Streaming within the Microsoft Systems Management Platform (03.12.07)
    It has been said that desktop virtualization is the future of the corporate personal computer. In this webcast, learn how application virtualization and software streaming within Microsoft Systems Management Server can:
    – Accelerate application and operating system deployments
    – Elminate application conflicts by enabling you to run any application on any system without extensive compatibility testing
    – Enable users to access applications from any computer, whether it is on or off the corporate network
    – Speed application and operating system migrations from months to days.
  • Virtualization and SQL server: Technologies, best practices and pricing/licensing (03.19.07)

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Thanks to Andrew Dugdell for the news.