Announcement: Virtualization Industry Roadmap redux

Many readers are already familiar with the Virtualization Industry Roadmap launched in April 2006: it shows all product releases appearing in the virtualization market, including platforms, tools, operating systems featuring virtualization platforms and even CPU virtualization capabilities.
Some of them even founded a printed version in the VMware VMworld 2006 welcome bag, thanks to huge effort of sponsor vizioncore.

I had feedbacks it helped so far several IT managers recognizing best period to start a new project, virtualization professionals showing market maturity and evolution in roadshows and conference, vendors tracking competitors or their own release timeframe (yes, not joking).

Today relaunches its Virtualization Industry Roadmap, introducing a slightly new graphical appearence and a new layout:

  • From now on every past year, starting from 2005, will have its own roadmap, while current year will be included in a biennium roadmap as soon as new products are scheduled for next year (it will be interesting to see how yearly maps will get more and more crowded)
  • Roadmaps are now published on a dedicated area, which has a dedicated RSS feed (to better track new additions and chances)
  • The printing format is now based on standard A4 sheet (portrait mode without borders), horizontally extend by multiples when needed (2006 roadmap is 2xA4, 2007-2008 roadmap will likely be 3xA4 or more)
  • Tracked products are now limited to virtualization platforms (upper side / dark blue) and virtualization products (lower side / dark grey), with usual label orientation (towards left: past products / towards right: future products)
  • Past releases are no more ordered by exact day, but just month (this greatly simplifies elements arrangement)

While some of this changes reduced available details, overall aspect should be improved, still providing useful informations. If not, any feedback and suggestion will be welcomed as usual.

Enjoy the new Virtualization Industry Roadmap!