A list of Xen management tools and hosting services

Tim Freeman, Software Developer and Research Assistant at Globus Toolkit, published a great summary of existing management intefaces for Xen (including many open source projects and commercial products already covered by virtualization.info):

  • Virtual Workspace Service
  • XenMan
  • DTC-Xen
  • Enomalism
  • xen-shell
  • Argo
  • Xen + CIM
  • openQRM
  • MLN
  • Xenmanager
  • using SystemImager
  • XenSource Products
  • Virtual Iron
  • Cassatt
  • BixData
  • Egenera
  • HyperVM
  • ToutVirtual
  • Enigmatic
  • Xen and Moab Workload Manager

The post also includes a list of service providers basing an hosting solution on Xen.

Definitively worth to check.