Whitepaper: The Fastest Hot Backup for VMware Infrastructure 3

vizioncore published a new 24-pages whitepaper detailing how the new VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) can be integrated with its esxRanger Professional 3.0 to achieve fast backups in VI3:

VCB and esxRanger Professional are designed specifically for virtualization backup needs.

Backups are most efficiently managed when there are no resources used on the host ESX Server, virtual machines or the network. VCB was designed to allow backup solutions such as esxRanger Professional to provide a complete and cost effective backup and recovery solution. VCB removes the backup process from the host ESX Server altogether by leveraging a proxy server to execute the backup functions performed by esxRanger Professional. This combined solution addresses the challenges outlined previously.

  • The entire virtual machine/or individual files can be restored
  • Overhead on the host ESX Server with either the Service Console or the virtual machines themselves is eliminated
  • Network overhead is eliminated
  • Backups are less restricted to backup window constraints
  • Scheduling of backups is managed through esxRanger Professional
  • The cost of implementing an effective disaster recovery strategy is reduced

Read the whole whitepaper at source.