Parallels to allow virtual Mac OS on non-Apple hardware soon?

Quoting from CNN Fortune Magazine:

VMware’s CEO Diane Greene told me yesterday that her company’s existing x86 desktop product is already being used by some to run Mac OS on computers from Dell, Hewlett-Packard and others, though this is not intentional on VMware’s part.

SWsoft’s Beloussov says that this spring, Parallels will upgrade its software further, in a way that by coincidence will make it easier to run Mac OS on a non-Apple computer. He also insists that is not deliberate, but just a consequence of the nature of the technology, especially now that Intel builds virtualization technology into its chips.

Greene says one reason VMware’s Mac product is delayed is that it was so time-consuming to get Apple’s cooperation and blessing. “We were trying to do it the way they wanted to, but in hindsight we should have just gone ahead,” she says. “I wonder what Steve Jobs is going to do, because there is so much pressure to run Mac OS on non-Macs. There’s no technical reason not to do it. He’s so proprietary about everything, yet it could be a very strategic move for him to make.” Beloussov, for his part, agrees…

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The article also mentions SWsoft acquired Paralles, making it a subsidiary without any announcement (in the corporate blog, Ilya Baimetov reveals companies are working to integrate respective products). discovered relationship between SWsoft, Parallels and Acronis in summer 2006.

Few days ago IT Week hinted VMware could allow Mac OS running in virtual machines, but only when hosted on Apple hardware.