Neville Franks reviews XenExpress

Neville Franks published a bried review of recently released XenSource XenExpress, the free edition limited to 4 concurrent virtual machines, providing this conclusion:

Overall XenServer worked very well indeed. I did run into a problem where the Administration Console kept disconnecting from the server and restarting the Console program didn’t resolve this. In the end I had to hit the reset button on the server as I couldn’t restart it from the console. This resolved the console disconnection problem, but was a drastic measure in the extreme.

I also had problems with the XEN Servers CD-ROM drive where I wasn’t able to eject the drive so I could put in the next CD for a Windows 2003 Server installation. The only way I found to do this was to shut-down the XenVM. Same thing with Windows XP. The CD-ROM drive also couldn’t be written to, even though it is a burner. The Administration Console is a bit annoying in places as it continually interupts your work flow with confirmation prompts. It would be far better if these “Are you sure?” prompts included a “Do not ask again” option like I use in Surfulater.

XenServer has only recently been released, so you might want to sit back for a little while before using it in a production environment…

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