OT: Thank you!

Even this year virtualization.info has been a big success thanks to you.

In my last post, Virtualization Trends in 2006, I underlined how pageviews jumped from over 200,000 in 2005 to over 1 million.
But growth of virtualization.info has not only been about visits.

The blog now publishes around 2,000 posts, carefully chosen among tents and tents of news, press releases, technical articles, tools announcements, newsgroups and forum messages, etc. appearing every day.
As already said in other occasions virtualization.info slightly changed its role during these years, stopping aggregating every single bit about virtualization (which nobody would have time to read) and starting a selection of really useful informations.

A lot of new features has been implemented too:

  • the Bookstore, which collects books released so far about virtualization and simplifies purchase through Amazon
  • the Job Board which can help worldwide companies finding their VCPs, or other virtualization professionals
  • the Industry Observer which remark notable move from consolidated and new market players
  • the Events Calendar which helps remember live webcasts and most important virtualization conferences

And, probably the best improvement so far, a much more polished web layout, without invasive advertising and with a much more useful sidebar (if you don’t see it check your browser cache, your permission to execute javascript code and your ad blocking tools).
This change in particular would never be possible without the help of virtualization.info sponsors (vizioncore, SWsoft and PlateSpin), which deserve special thanks.

I also want to thank Daniele Perilli for endless help on web designing and coding, Pialorsi Sistemi for providing the reliable hosting facility virtualization.info is using since years, and Google for continuously providing amazing tools for web authoring, sponsorships and almost everything someone could ever need.

The last one is for every single person who contributed in any way, including readers for submitting interesting articles, virtualization professionals for offering help and suggestions to improve this site and vendors for arranging great interviews, product demos and events partecipation.

Even more will come. Stay tuned and happy new year!
Alessandro Perilli