Whitepaper: Integrated Virtualization Manager on IBM System p5

IBM RedBook department released a new whitepaper (actually a Redpaper) about virtualization management features included in System p5 servers:

The IBM Virtual I/O Server Version 1.2 provided a hardware management function called the Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM). It handled the partition configuration on selected IBM System p5, IBM p5, and IBM OpenPower systems without the need for dedicated hardware, such as a Hardware Management Console. The latest version of VIOS,, adds a number of new functions, such as support for dynamic logical partitioning for memory and processors in managed systems, task manager monitor for long-running tasks, security additions such as viosecure and firewall, and other improvements.

The Integrated Virtualization Manager enables a more cost-effective solution for consolidation of multiple partitions onto a single server. With its intuitive, browser-based interface, the Integrated Virtualization Manager is easy to use and significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage virtual devices and partitions.

This IBM Redpaper provides an introduction to the Integrated Virtualization Manager, describing its architecture and showing how to install and configure a partitioned server using its capabilities.

Read the whole whitepaper at source.