Release: CA Unicenter ASM

Quoting from the CA official announcement:

CA today announced Unicenter Advanced Systems Management (Unicenter ASM) r11.1, a platform-agnostic solution that provides centralized management for virtualized and clustered server environments—enabling customers to continuously assess, manage and optimize system resources to ensure service availability and reliability.

Unicenter ASM automatically balances workloads in complex environments that include clusters and virtualized platforms. Through pre-defined business policies, it performs centralized dynamic resource brokering across virtualized server resources. If the performance of a mission-critical application begins to degrade and additional memory or CPU capacity is required, Unicenter ASM can automatically reallocate available resources to that application. Unicenter ASM can also make resources available by moving the least critical application on the virtual machines to a different server. If and when the demands of the mission-critical application diminish, Unicenter ASM will then automatically reallocate resources to other applications as necessary.

Unicenter ASM enables customers to leverage their investments in a wide range of virtualization technology—including HP MC Service Guard, IBM HACMP and pSeries LPAR-capable eServers (P4 and P5), Microsoft Virtual Server and Cluster, Red Hat Advanced Server cluster, Sun Enterprise and Mid-Range servers, as well as Sun Cluster and Sun Fire, Veritas Cluster Servers running Solaris and Windows, and VMware ESX/GSX Servers…

Unicenter ASM is immediately available as a Unicenter Network and System Management add-on module and costs around $30,000. Xen support will be introduced with a following update planned for end of this year.