XenSource launches XenEnterprise 3.1 beta with Windows support

After much wait XenSource started XenEnterprise 3.1 beta, introducing support for Microsoft Windows XP and 2003 guest OSes.

The final release is scheduled for December 2006, while extended support for Windows 2000 is expected in Q1 2007.

Pricing for XenEnterprise starts at $488 for an annual subscription license per dual socket server, and $750 perpetual license per dual socket server.

John Glendenning, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at XenSource, claimed this release offers same performance of VMware (probably referring to ESX Server), 80% of functionalities and costing just 20% of competitor.

You can see a demo of new version here, sign up for the 3.1 beta here or request a paid pilot program here.

The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.