Virtuozzo more scalable than ESX Server?

Quoting from TechWorld:

VMware’s flagship product ESX Server and the infrastructure around it aren’t quite good enough for the data centre, according to David Turner, vendor marketing and business development manager at IT consultancy IQ-SYS, formerly Interquad.

The consultancy and networking specialist, whose revenues reached over £35 million in its last financial year, sells only SWsoft’s Virtuozzo, rather than market leader VMware’s product.

He said that Virtuozzo’s value “is in the server farm and data centre, where hardware virtualisation [such as that provided by VMware’s ESX Server] doesn’t add much value to I/O-intensive applications. People couldn’t put multiple ESX Servers in a high throughput application,” he said. Referring to applications such as Citrix server farms and databases such as Oracle, he said that “we get greater scalability with Virtuozzo.”…

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I know some readers that have much to say on this topic. If you have experience of large implementations with both VMware ESX Server and SWsoft Virtuozzo please write a comment.