IDC believes virtualization should now focus on mobility

Quoting from ZDNet:

Vernon Turner, group vice president and general manager of enterprise computing at analyst company IDC, said virtualization must move beyond its current primary role in hardware consolidation.

While virtualization has allowed organizations to maximize the use of their computing hardware, he added that the technology must now evolve into “virtualization 2.0”, what he describes as the next phase of development which includes mobility and portability.

According to Turner, the challenge–before virtualization 2.0 can materialize–is that most people think of mobility and portability as features demonstrated by cellphones.

“But that’s not the case,” he said. “What we mean by mobility is that applications can run on any kind of hardware, have adequate security, and their performance shouldn’t change.”…

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I completely disagree on this analysis.

Current server virtualization offering still lack of mandatory and reliable components for reliable business continuity, efficient provisioning, robust security, simplified and rational management.
The market is everywhere but in a 1.0 status.

Even wanting to ignore these notable lacks, the real focus of a Virtualization 2.0 effort should be automation much before portability.
Or we’ll have a endless amount of virtual machines / virtual appliances and no way to manage them. Paying same errors and facing same issues we did with phyical machines for last 10 years.