Whitepaper: IBM System p Advanced POWER Virtualization Best Practices

The IBM RedBook department published a new paper about the virtualization capabilities offered by System p5 servers:

This IBM Redpaper provides best practices for planning, installing, maintaining, and operating the functions available using the Advanced POWER Virtualization feature on IBM System p5 servers.

This paper begins where Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM System p5, SG24-7940, ends by adding additional samples and scenarios harvested by a select team that works at client and outsourcing sites, running both small and large installations. The experiences contained within are select best practices from real-life experience.

A working understanding of the Advanced POWER Virtualization feature and logical partitioning and IBM AIX 5L is required, as well as a basic understanding of network and VLAN tagging…

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Administration, backup, and restore
  • Chapter 3 – Networking
  • Chapter 4 – Storage
  • Chapter 5 – Performance and planning

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